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To ensure and uphold equal and equitable human rights, environment friendly and rights-based society for all, Bangladesh Manobadhikar O Poribesh Andolon shall be guided by the following aims and   objectives:

  1. Liaise, discuss and where feasible collaborate with the Government, and advocate with and facilitate the Government to prepare, enact and implement national policies and legislation upholding the human and environmental rights. 
  2. Organize public awareness programs and facilitate development of targeted populations aimed at full, equal and dignified participation in all socio-economic activities.
  3. Conduct, pursue and encourage others including government to conduct surveys, study, research for contributing to improved decision making, better planning to take initiatives for targeted populations in context of socio-economic situation, needs, problems, causes & practical solutions.
  4. Organize initiatives at national and/or international level to support the government and non-government organizations achieve their respective targets concerning environmental human rights, gender mainstreaming, disability and ethnic minority issues.
  5. Establish resource center and archive for collection, preservation and dissemination of all information, including news, general information, training & research, research findings etc. Prepare and disseminate educational aids & appliances, and also support such initiatives.
  6. Initiate public interest litigation, public hearing, and legislative reform, and networking, policy advocacy to promote and protect human and environmental rights.
  Bangladesh Manobadhikar O Poribesh Andolon  have the liberty to join international platforms established and functioning to uphold and promote rights & privileges of, specially but not limited to, vulnerable and disadvantage groups and in the areas of legislative reform and environmental activism.